Index of AAFRadio - U.S. Military Aircraft Avionics from 1939 to 1945

A tour of communications gear from U.S. WWII Aircraft

The array of avionics on the ‘flight deck’ is an operational group of equipment that is part of my personal collection. It includes MF, HF, and VHF communications suites, LF/MF navigation receivers, and ECM gear used on US Navy, AAC, and AAF aircraft during World War II. Basic layout of the flight deck is shown here. The cutoff date for inclusion on the flight deck was arbitrarily selected as Service nomenclature “type issuance” prior to September 1945 - actual production in a couple of cases may have been a few years later. The selection criterion has no technological basis - it simply allows everything to be squeezed into one 15'x15' space.

WWII Aircraft Countermeasures equipment

Also located on the flight deck, this is an overview of the common and not so common surveillance, analysis, and jamming equipment used in US aircraft during the war. It represents an explosion in technology, arguably never equaled since that time. Much of it is still useful in AM and DSBRC work on the radio amateur bands, with minor reversible modifications or outboard ‘helping hands’.

Restoration activities and tools

Some of the equipment and tools required to preserve, restore, or replicate components for 60 year old avionics gear are explored here. A few of the latest projects are also shown.

The Pillars of NASM Tremble...

Defying the boundaries of reason, the Smithsonian - clearly in a moment of temporary insanity - permitted me to wander onto their property as a volunteer. This page delves into their misfortunes ever since.

Not so common documentation

Some of the less traveled roads of paper...

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I understand that with a somewhat arcane interest like this one, folks often wonder where I originally managed to obtain the equipment and what more I might actually need to complete various sets, so a number of friends have persuaded me to publish a "wish list". It is difficult to characterize my original sources, and they have changed over time - they run the gamut from hamfests, to friends, to surplus houses, to estate sales, to referrals, to eBay, to you name it... If I had to characterize the greatest contributors, it has to be friends and acquaintances who apparently understand the restoration affliction and are willing to support it. Not quite a twelve step program, but there are similarities...

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